Download the mini-Zine from the link underneath the comic strip. Print it out onto a sheet of standard printer paper. Make sure that you tick the “Fit to Page” box in the printer window so that the whole strip prints out.

Carefully cut out the strip along the solid black line.

Fold the strip in half along its length. Run a finger over the crease to make sure it is crisp and sharp.

Open up the strip then carefully fold it in half again, this time along its height.

Open up the strip again the fold one end of the paper into the middle.

Fold the other end into the middle.

Open up the paper, flip it over then carefully cut along the black line in the centre of the strip. The cut runs from one vertical crease, past the central vertical crease to the other vertical crease, the full length of the arrow but no further.

Fold the strip in half, long ways, the fold out the two side flaps as shown in the picture below to make this cross shape.

Fold the book closed and run your fingers over the creases to complete the mini-Zine.

There it is!